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Are You Looking to Buy a Worm Gearbox? – It’s Here in All Variations

One piece of equipment used almost as a standard component of many industrial machines is the worm gearbox. It’s a simple piece of kit really but when you understand how the internal working parts move against each other, it’s easy to understand how the pressures of constant use result in broken teeth on the gearing and there’s no quick fix; the whole gearbox will need replacing if you want to save downtime of your machine. Typically, you’ll find worm gearboxes in equipment used in rolling mills, mining, moving stairs, presses, packaging, manufacturing, and FRAS belt. There's a constant stream of customers wanting to buy a worm drive gearbox. They are in great demand. Read More

Make Sure You Get the Quality you Pay for When Buying a Worm Drive Gearbox Online

One of the biggest problems with industrial and automotive parts online is buying something that looks and sounds like it’s the right replacement only to find that the quality is inferior. The two common parts of a worm gearbox, the wheel and the worm are made from brass and steel respectively. Cheaper versions appear in the market that can’t tolerate the stresses in the same way the brass and steel versions do. The result is a premature breakdown and another replacement. What you thought you had saved, ends up costing nearly double. This is where Industrial & Automotive Parts are your champion. We don’t deal in poor-quality parts; we look for lasting relationships with our clients and customers, based on trust and confidence.

Buy Worm Gearbox From Us

Once we’ve worked with a customer and supplied worm gearbox, they stay with us. It’s a bond that we work very hard to maintain by going the extra mile in all scenarios. The team at Industrial & Automotive Parts is headed up by MD and founder Chris Sperelakis. Chris is recognised as one of the leading authorities in industrial supplies and has recruited a team of industrial parts experts to support his clients and customers so get in touch if you're looking to buy V Belts or single phase electric motors in Australia. IAP is the first and only parts supplier in Australia to give a guarantee of exceptional and personalised service. Take a look at some of the company’s testimonials and you’ll find confirmation of a first-class, innovative company, that constantly raises the bar for its valued clientele.

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If you want to speak with an expert about your worm drive gearbox, give us a call on 02 8102 6707. We’d be happy to talk through your needs and make sure we get the right model. If you would rather use our contact form here on the website, please fill in the details and we’ll call you back at your convenience. Our email address is admin@industrialautomotiveparts.co.auif this is better for you. We’ll jump on the case as soon as we get your email.

Whichever method of communication suits you best, be assured you’ll get our best attention and support for all your replacement parts including Ford marine bearing kits. Read Less

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