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Obtaining Grid Couplings in Australia for Effective Power Transmission

Whilst there are many types of couplings available such as jaw coupling, a grid coupling is a popular choice if you have needs for both high torque levels and dampening. Grid couplings are able to reduce vibration by up to 30% and to cushion shock loads so that driving and driven power transmission equipment is protected. These same qualities are not available in other metallic coupling types, such as gear and disc couplings that can transmit a similar amount of torque. Read More

You can buy a grid coupling online from our website in a variety of types and sizes. However, though they’re all of the highest quality, they may not be perfect for every application, so you need to consider carefully to ensure you make the right choice.

Features and Benefits of Grid Couplings

Where two rotating shafts are connected, grid couplings allow power to be transmitted to the gear reducer, so it’s then converted into torque and passed on to whatever’s being driven. It’s a critical piece of equipment in the configuration of industrial machinery and its selection depends on the arrangement of the drive system and the type of application.

A grid coupling is made up of two shaft hubs, a grid spring and a split cover kit that has two cover halves, seals, gaskets and other hardware. The grid spring absorbs impact energy and therefore reduces the extent of peak loads. At light loads, the hub teeth are at the outer edge of the grid so the points of contact can flex under variations of load. As the load increases, more of the teeth come in contact with the spring until, at shock loads, the grid bears fully on the hub teeth and transmits the full load. This flexibility only applies within the coupling’s rated capacity.

Grid couplings are available with either a horizontal cover design that is easier to install and is suitable where space is limited or with vertical covers that can be run at a higher maximum speed. They are also available in spacer and half spacer designs, the former having a drop-out section and the latter a quick disconnect that both allow for servicing of the equipment without disruption. We stock different types of pulleys as well including aluminium pulleys so get in touch today!

Finding the Grid Coupling that’s Suitable for Your Application

Although grid couplings are great at absorbing impact energy, reducing costs and transmitting torque, they’re not perfect for every situation. They are not, for example, designed to handle shaft misalignment, for which other types may be better, and generally cannot cope with more than half a degree of misalignment. They are also not maintenance-free since they require lubrication that does not leak and need to be periodically checked and topped up when necessary.

Nevertheless, this type of coupling is often the best and most convenient and is commonly used in many applications that include pumping and other operations where disruption and delay are not possible.

Our website lists a large number of grid couplings and other components with full descriptions and everything you should need to make an informed choice. However, if you have any doubts at all, get in touch by email (, on the website or by phone (02 8102 6707) and we’ll help you make the right choice. Our experienced and knowledgeable technical staff want you to obtain exactly what you need so we’re always happy to help. Read Less

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