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Lawn Mower Belts and Much More Available Australia-Wide

Availability and quality don't have to be opposites of each other. Often, when a product becomes readily accessible and common both in stores and online, the overall average quality goes down. We keep our stock full, but we make sure it’s only made up of top-quality versions of every item. We trust the brands we stock to provide us only with something we’re proud to sell; if it’s not reliable, we don’t offer it. We stock different kinds of ball bearings, aluminium pulleys, agricultural chains and sprockets, and bearing retaining compounds as well. Read More

That's why our lawn mower belts for sale are made using Kevlar rather than rubber; after all, just because something's become common doesn't mean you stop innovating. We offer several variations and sizes of drive belts lawn mower, covering everything from the most basic non-motorised unit to the most heavy-duty tractor mower out there. The variations we offer cover wheel belts, blade belts, and belts designed to control both at once. You can expect a solid, well-made belt to last you about 5 years; if you buy one from us, expect it to be 6.

With Industrial & Automotive Parts, you're getting trustworthy makers, reasonable prices, and high-speed deliveries. Between all the categories of parts we offer, we’ve covered dozens of industries’ needs for replaceable parts. And if we don’t stock the specific part you need, our experts can still help. By discussing your project with you, we can help you determine which part serves you best and even where you might locate it. That’s what your industrial or auto parts supplier should always be willing to do; if yours isn’t, then it’s time to switch to us.

How Lawn Mower Belts Changes the Game

So, you've searched “lawn mower belts for sale near me” and found a whole mess of results. Most of them will be carrying your typical rubber and polyester belts. This type of belt is dependable, affordable, and works well enough. So, why fix it when it’s not broken by changing the material, you ask?

Kevlar works more efficiently and leads to a longer-lasting belt. You probably know Kevlar from its use in bulletproof technology, but its benefits carry over into other applications. The material’s properties shine when used in a lawn mower belts. Here are some of them:

  • It's famously lightweight: After all, when you design armour for frequent practical use, you don’t make it clunky and cumbersome; that’s a lesson we learned 600 years ago! A much lighter Kevlar mower belt puts less strain on the engine, the blades, the wheels, and itself without losing any transfer of energy.
  • As you probably guessed, Kevlar is also strong: It regularly outperforms steel wire for tensile strength, and it also happens to regularly stop bullets. In other words, you can expect wear & tear to take much longer when using a mower belt made of this stuff.
  • It's temperature resistant: Most people who know even the basics about engines know that they can get quite hot. Most of the time, generating energy also generates heat. So, any part that works in direct contact with the engine has to withstand that heat. Kevlar is highly resistant to both extreme heat and cold, so it's perfect for the job.

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We know that there’s no such thing as “close enough” when it comes to industrial and auto parts. They’re either exactly what you need, or they’re not worth considering. That’s why our industry knowledge can still help you even if our stock can't.

If you’d like to discuss your options or have any enquiries regarding lawn mower belts, you can reach us by phone or email using 02 8102 6707 or You can also find our address under contact us form. Read Less

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