Lawn Mower Belts

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Beautiful, manicured lawns and gardens don’t appear by magic. They’re a product of refined skills and a well-functioning lawnmower. It is therefore important to ensure the mechanical efficiency of the machinery itself, and one of the most crucial parts is the lawn mower belt.

Responsible for converting the engine’s radial torque to the transmission’s input shaft, it allows for the smooth transfer of generated power to make the lawnmower move forward. The same process also makes the spinning of the blades possible.

As Australia’s most reliable industrial equipment supplier, our team at Industrial & Automotive Parts believes in doing its part to ensure that your lawn will always be something you can be proud of. To improve equipment performance, we specifically go for Kevlar belts, which are known to be of higher quality within the industry.

If you want to know more about our lawn mower belts or any of the industrial belts available in our range, please contact us today, and one of our experts will get in touch with you to provide the required information.


A well-maintained lawn is the pride of every homeowner. Without lawn mower belts, the machine will not be able to operate at all; it is the central technology behind the lawnmower itself.

Given how important it is to functionality, we believe that it’s only right that you invest in quality. Here are a few signs that your belt is worn out already:

  • Damage to side walls: The side wall of the belt must be smooth. If there are small nicks, there’s a chance that it may break in the middle of use.
  • Small cracks: These are early signs of breakage that shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Glazed side wall: At this stage, the belt is starting to waste away. This can cause an issue later on so take note.

Despite the best care, there’s no guaranteed way to avoid these issues altogether. But using Kevlar belts instead of a regular v-belt improves the overall longevity of the part. Ask for more information about how a belt specifically made for a lawnmower can help you. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.


Getting a replacement mower belt is made easier than ever with Industrial & Automotive Parts. Simply find the product specifications required for your mower and order it off the site. And should you need any assistance in selecting the right one for your purpose, feel free to contact us. You may call 02 8102 6707 or email Alternatively, you can visit us at 4/31 Governor Macquarie Drive Chipping Norton NSW.