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When you think about it, electric motors in most factory environments are forced to work hard. Manufacturing productivity is constantly being pushed to the maximum. It’s understandable therefore that these pieces of kit, perhaps the single most important part of a machine, are going to need replacement at some point. Good maintenance with regular checks, cleaning and ventilation are all good housekeeping traits but at some point in time, parts will start to play up and then eventually fail. Industrial electric motors are generally easy to replace from a technical point of view. Provided the engineer can get to the motor easily, he only has to work on the power supply and anchoring. What is important at a change of motor is replacing on a like-for-like basis. This keeps the costly engineer costs low and limits downtime. Read More

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Many customers tell us that before they found IAP, they had great difficulty getting what they wanted and needed and often the quality they were expecting just didn’t turn up with the courier. This is not just a disappointment for many business owners, but a real risk. Returning incorrect parts or having an inferior piece of kit causes issues that sometimes grow into unexpected costs. Many companies advertising electric motors for sale online are simply interested in “the sale”. Many are not bothered about the service and the possibility of relationship building. Here at Industrial & Automotive, we are. When you put your trust in us, we want to prove worthy of that trust and hope you will come back to us when next in need of electric motor supplies.

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Here at Industrial & Automotive, we know the real driving force in any successful business is anchored in its ability to present a valuable, efficient and reliable customer service approach. We want our customers to sense that we have got their backs. That the prices we ask for are the market rates or better for the quality of electric motors we offer. We also want our customers to know that when they speak with us they’ll get an instant response and support. Finally, we also want our customers to know that we are driven to deliver your parts at the earliest opportunity, knowing that time is money when your machine is out of action. So get in touch if you're looking to buy industrial and automotive parts including ball bearings, worm gearbox, and trailer bearings.

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Call now on 02 8102 6707. You’ll quickly notice the difference in how we operate compared to other companies in the market. We have an expert and friendly team waiting to help. You may prefer communication by email, if so, please contact us at admin@industrialautomotiveparts.com.au giving as much detail as possible and we’ll get back to you straight away. We also have a Contact Form available if this is your preferred method. Just drop in your contact details if you're looking to buy electric motors for sale and one of the team will give you a call back. We look forward to hearing from you and the possibility of looking after your business going forward. Read Less

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