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The Best Bearing Retaining Compound in the Market, Available to Order Country-wide

The name of the game is “enablement.” We at Industrial & Automotive Parts make sure our items unlock every project’s full operational potential. If a part’s expected lifespan is seven years, we sell items expected to last nine. If you need a certain minimum tensile strength, we go far beyond it. If you're looking for quick delivery, we've got it covered. Even if you’re not totally sure what you’re looking for, our experts are happy to listen to details about the project and advise you on the best parts and materials for the job. Read More

And usually, we carry some version of what you need for your project. Our bearing retaining compound comes in several variations based on what you need it to do. You can also find several sizes of bottle depending on how much machinery needs the help of some proper industrial adhesive. Unsure of which compound meets your specifications? That's not a problem: we include guidelines and properties under each one's product description on its listing. That includes whether it's suitable for permanent installations, how it handles temperature, and what sort of parts it's suited for.

After we’ve stocked what you’re looking for and helped you identify it, all we have left is to get it to you. And we don’t drop the ball at any point in this process. We know that assembly lines are always moving, and quotas are always demanding, so we offer fast delivery anywhere in the country. For an industrial supplier that respects the pace of your industry, look no further than us.

Get a Bearing Retainer Compound from IAP

Each bearing retainer compound is designed for a different application, and each proper application depends on the compound's properties. Here's what we mean:

  • Viscosity: Retainers vary in viscosity to seal different kinds of gaps. Smaller gaps of less than 0.2mm benefit from lower viscosity compounds; meanwhile, interconnecting parts with more width between them require higher viscosity adhesives to make sure the seal is airtight. Otherwise, motion will begin to wear down the metal on each side and cause abrasion.
  • Bonding strength: You might assume that you want all your bearing retaining compound to be high in bonding strength. After all, adhesives are meant for exactly that, right? Bonding? However, some parts require frequent maintenance, which can be harder if your adhesive is designed to never come off. Instead, we offer both high and low bonding strength retainers. Lower strength retainers still create a proper seal, but they can be removed easier for simple disassembly of machinery.
  • Composition: Your best bearing retaining compound will depend on where exactly the bearing is within a system. You can find much stronger adhesives for internal connections, especially permanent ones, but be careful: many stronger retainers compounds are also anaerobic. In other words, they cannot be exposed to oxygen, or they stop being effective. If your bearing is in some way exposed to air, then it’s better to go with a standard retainer. If it’s in an airtight space, you can rely on the stronger version.

Our Bearing Retaining Compounds Come with Expertise and Service You Can Trust

We’re proud to be the company industries can depend on in high-speed, hard-deadline schedules. If you need to quickly discuss the nature of your project for some advice, give us a call or come see us. Visit our catalogue page in order to see our massive range of industrial parts including agricultural chains and sprockets, lawn mower belts, aluminium pulleys and much more

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