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FRAS A Section Belt

FRAS A Section Belt

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Are you looking for FRAS Belts in Australia? At Industrial & Automotive Parts, we know that purchasing officers and project managers sometimes have to secure parts with knowledge that isn’t usually necessary for their jobs. Sometimes, the specific part you needed isn’t available, but you’re not sure what a suitable replacement would be. That happens. Sometimes, bartenders are asked about the exact alcohol percentage of their beers, and they don’t usually need to know that for their jobs. That’s why a good industrial parts seller will have that sort of expertise. Read More

Whether you’re a project manager on a strict deadline or a car owner with no ties to industrial work, we can help. We’re seasoned professionals who understand the intricacies of the products we sell; we know how and where a FRAS conveyer belt should be used, and we know how to maintain and install it. We also know which products work better than others in any given machinery or project. And we can pass all this along to any customer who needs it. In other words, we can offer guidance and advice to customers to make sure no one is buying the wrong part, wasting money, and getting into trouble over it. 

We’ve helped industries and individuals all over Australia, and we’ve grown from a humble parts business looking to help people, to a massive seller with years of savvy in various fields. IAP is here to help, and we’re pretty good at it. We stock a massive range of Industrial and Automotive parts online including:

FRAS Belts and Where Its Benefits Apply?

FRAS belt, or really, a FRAS anything, is merely a part that’s Fire Resistant and Anti-Static. While conventional belts are fine when working with stable or mundane materials, others need to be a bit sturdier. If your assembly line involves working with flammable, corrosive, or high-friction substances or products, your conveyer belt has stricter compliance protocols to meet. FRAS belts are always compliant with safety standards and regulations, and if you’re required to purchase one, it’s guaranteed that you need one.

You might find it helpful to know what properties you’re looking for before you buy a FRAS belt online. Primarily, a FRAS belt can withstand temperatures up to 30 degrees higher than the maximum for conventional belts. This isn’t an “in case of” scenario that will only apply in the event of a fire; that higher heat resistance is useful for heavy-duty intensive applications and endurance. In other words, if your conveyor belts are constantly running, they’ll likely be exposed to high amounts of heat, and a FRAS composition helps them avoid damage from that. 

FRAS belts also offer more shock absorption and power transmission than conventional belts. Their anti-static nature means less energy is lost during operation. That protects not only the belt itself but also the nearby components from wear & tear, slowing the process down significantly. And because there’s more power transmission, FRAS belts often allow for more compact versions of the same machine. 

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