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The Most Affordable and Efficient Place to Buy Aluminium Pulleys in Australia

At Industrial & Automotive Parts, we know the value of having the right equipment for each job. You can typically get the work done with basic tech each time, but why bother when you can save time, costs, manpower, and effort using the best parts and supplies on the market? Even if the parts aren't strictly necessary, their utility means they pay for themselves. And if they are necessary, you want to be sure that the parts you've purchased are dependable and solidly made. Basically, if you're relying on an aluminium pulley to handle some serious weight, you don't want it failing you and potentially endangering you or others nearby. Read More

With us, that's never a real concern. As one of the leading brands in industrial and automotive supplies, we make sure that you not only have the right piece of equipment but the right variation of it for your project or machinery. If you're looking for a set of ball bearings, you want to make sure they can transfer as much energy as possible from what they receive. You don't want to be losing force. So, you'd seek out the proper size and material for the bearings before securing them. Our pulleys are no different; as Australia's foremost aluminium pulley suppliers, we can make sure that you have the right pulley or sheave on the job. That includes the right tensile strength, the best material for short- or long-term installation, and so on.

In other words, when you buy from us, you’re buying from seasoned professionals who are proud to help you plan the perfect set of equipment for your goals. We’re also proud to deliver Australia-wide, and our stock is always varied and produced by the leading brands. Our online catalogue says it all! We stock almost all kind of industrial parts including:

The Benefits of Aluminium Pulleys in Industrial Work

In many industrial applications, aluminium pulleys outperforms more traditional materials like copper and steel. Between its affordability, durability, reliability, and flexibility, aluminium does it all. Here are some examples:

  • Extrusion allows aluminium to be reshaped into many different complex designs and uses. Generally, if you need something specific made or shaped, you can rely on aluminium and its flexible nature to get the job done without any worries about strength, stability, or precision. Aluminium is not difficult to work with when a job calls for exactness. 
  • Aluminium conducts heat and electricity extremely well, which makes it suitable for electronic parts. It weighs far less and heats up far less than other materials used in wiring, like copper, which makes it safer and more economical. It’s also a very popular choice in heatsinks. In other words, if your machines are prone to overheating, aluminium can help keep them cool.
  • If your project involves a lot of discarding or by-products, you can reduce your environmental impact with aluminium. It can be 100% recycled, which allows you to handle any waste responsibly and sustainably. 

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As aluminium pulley supplier, we know exactly which of our products are suitable for each project. If you’re not sure, you can reach out to us for a discussion of your plans and what would help them the most.

You can also reach out for any doubts or concerns you might have. We’re always happy to serve. You can call or email us at 02 8102 6707 or Read Less

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