Standard Aluminium Three Phase Motors

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Wide Selection of 3 Phase Motors for Sale

The availability of 3 phase motors online have increased over recent years. Be careful however, there are some poorly manufactured motors you need to avoid, particularly the lower-powered models. Also, watch out for incorrectly labelled models, they can be costly to replace and of course, will result in extended downtime when the motor fails. Read More

The problems like this have frustrated many of our customers in the past and one of the main reasons they end up coming to Industrial & Automotive Parts (IAP) for all their replacement parts needs.

We are very careful about what we recommend. We only stock product that has passed stringent quality control and has proven to be reliable. When you order from IAP, you can be sure the kit will perform.

Stocking the Best Range of 3 Phase Motors in Australia

If you are running a manufacturing line or have a need within your factory or workspace to run machines for long periods of time, then at some point you are going to have breakdowns when your engines, motors and parts simply come to an end of their performance lifeline and give up. At this point, you need a 3 phase motor and you want it in place quickly. This is where the frustration kicks in as you can’t find a supplier who understands your set-up, or it’s out of stock or the price is double what it was last time you purchased. So, you start looking again and it’s the same old story of stress and uncertainty whilst your machine is sat idle.

This is why you need a Parts Partner like Industrial & Automotive Parts. We’re a company made up of industry professionals and once you’re on board, we already have details of all your degradable parts including cam follower, roller chain, and industrial chain. Our job is to give you a heads up, to make sure you have replacements set aside, ready to be brought forward the same day your old kit lets you down. IAP are the only parts supplier in Australia to give a guarantee of this exceptional and personalised service. It’s there as a service offering because we know you need it.

Buy 3 Phase Motors from Professionals

The best customer service is given without cost as part of a mutually beneficial partnership. That’s what we do here at IAP. The advantages of partnering with IAP for your replacement parts are significant. One is that the team here are experts so you can order your 3 phase motors with confidence, knowing that you have somebody to contact who can and will help if things don’t go to plan. We are all contactable 24/7 for emergencies and breakdowns with quick turnaround times once we are on the case. We also take care of stock storage and maintenance programmes. This is especially useful for special projects that maybe need rare or hard to get hold of parts. We are more than a company selling parts.

Contact us For 3 Phase Electric Motors Online in Australia

Give us a call on 02 8102 6707. We have a friendly team waiting to help you. If you prefer communication by email, please contact us at giving as much detail as possible and we’ll get back to you straight away. We also have a Contact Form if you prefer. Let’s start with a chat. Read Less

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