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Anybody who uses machinery with moving parts must get used to the idea that ball bearings are going to break. As a constantly moving part, this ingenious and simple component comes under constant stress and pressure through use and will break at some point. The problem for most industries relying on machines being in continuous use is the downtime experienced while replacement ball bearings are sought, purchased and then replaced. Read More

Industrial & Automotive Parts is one of Australia’s leading stockists of ball bearings for online sales. We operate a super-fast service throughout Australia, taking care to meet the demands of all industries no matter how large or rare the machinery may be. You’ll find our team here at HQ very knowledgeable and experienced and ready to help get those replacement ball bearings to you quickly and with the minimum inconvenience.

Solving Your Replacement Ball Bearing Problems with Five Star Customer Service

Before our regular customers switch to Industrial & Automotive Parts, they often experience a period when they are spending too much money and countless hours searching for competitively priced, replacement ball bearings online. It’s usually a stressful and frustrating task with the added dilemma of a costly downtime hanging right over the whole situation. If this is you, then you need to switch your thinking and entrust Industrial & Automotive Parts with the task of keeping your machinery running with a cost-effective replacement parts service. It’s a task we will willingly take on board and provide you with ball bearings and other parts you need at great speed and at the most competitive prices in the marketplace. We have an enormous product range including worm gearbox, trailer bearings, and 3 phase motors, and we can source difficult-to-find parts when competitors don’t know where to start.

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Once you’re a customer of ours, we know who you are, what machines you run, what parts you’re going to need and when you last purchased. This data helps us predict when you’re going to need help because there’s a replacement window for every degradable machine part like ball bearings. Sounds simple and a smart thing to do but you’d be surprised that we don’t know of any other company that goes to this length to assist their customers. Our team are skilled in replacement parts and have a depth of knowledge unrivalled in this industry. Of course, we have ball bearings for sale but it’s a great service you need most, and we have that too.

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If our prices are the same and our service is more reliable, why not take a closer look? It would be great to hear from you. You can call us on 02 8102 6707, We’re a friendly team and we’re always available to talk through your needs and service requirements. If you would prefer, you can send us an email at We also have a contact page with an online enquiry form. Whichever is your preference, get in touch and let’s explore getting you a service you can rely on. Read Less

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