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Agricultural Chain Available for Immediate Delivery

Agricultural Chains and associated spares are a hot-moving product range. There’s a lot of choice and a constant flow of replacement purchases. The agricultural roller chain is often sold by the equipment manufacturers themselves under their own brand. However, unlike many other corners of the replacement parts market, there are some highly reputable agricultural chain manufacturers who specialise in this particular product and other similar chains because there are so many uses, and it is a good fit for just about all applications. Nonetheless, we would urge all customers to give us a call to ensure that you’ve sourced the right agricultural chain for your machine. Read More

Expect First Class Customer Service When You Order Your Agricultural Chain from Us

When you call and speak to an agricultural parts stockist, it’s fair to expect that the sales staff on the other end has good knowledge of the products they sell, like the agricultural roller chain. If you do have an unusual request, then the company should have a senior person who can relate to your query and help you. At Industrial & Automotive Parts (IAP), we pride ourselves on the quality of technical sales personnel we have in the team. We feel it’s really important to be able to get the right part straight away and also understand the everyday problems customers are going to face in the daily running of their machinery. We’ve built a team around the idea that our customers are going to ask at least one technical question when they call and when they do, we want to have the knowledge to help.

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Following a learning curve from his youth, Chris Sperelakis set up Industrial & Automotive Parts, knowing that to be the best in the marketplace, he needed a great team around him. People who knew the industrial parts market as well as he does and who wanted to build a special service for customers. Today, IAP is recognised as the most proficient and capable supplier in Australia. Setting high standards and only supplying quality products at reasonable prices has been a mantra that has kept Chris and the team here at IAP at the forefront of industrial parts supply. With over 100,000 parts on offer such as electric motors, jaw coupling, and worm gearbox, the IAP team are constantly updating their knowledge and seeking out the best deals for customers. It may be that today, you need your agricultural chain, but we know tomorrow it’s going to be something else and we want IAP to be your automatic choice of supplier.

Get Your Agricultural Chains from Us – You’ll Always Get Our Best Attention

Call us on 02 8102 6707 for an immediate discussion of your needs and how we can help you going forward. Or you can send us an email to There's also one other way you can get hold of us, by going to our Contacts Page and filling out the form. Let us know a good time to give you a call and we will. Read Less

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