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All conveyors and moving production lines have to be maintained to ensure smooth manufacturing output and minimum machine downtime. The simple cam follower bearing is a small inexpensive piece of kit that should be held in stock, ready to replace a worn-out cam. You would be surprised how many technical support teams don’t plan ahead and hold stock. The result of poor planning is stress, frustration and an idle belt, holding up a whole production line. Here at Industrial & Automotive Parts (IAP), we make it our business to make sure our partners never have a crisis over replacement parts. Read More

Cam Followers are Just One Key Component – Who is Watching Your Back?

Key component management is just one area of partner support and customer service excellence IAP gives to all its clients. The replacement parts market is full of pitfalls and difficulties. Today, you need a cam follower roller bearing, tomorrow you find you’ve not got the right V belts and off we go again, searching for parts and trying to get them to the site yesterday. It’s a tough cycle of planning failure but you'd be surprised how many companies operate in this way.

We operate differently from all of the competition. Firstly, our founder and managing director Chris Sperelakis is a leading authority in Australia for industrial supplies. Chris has built a team at IAP that are nothing short of experts in machine components and replacement parts such as roller chain or industrial chain. This means that when we get a call, the customer is getting the benefit of experience and knowledge unmatched in the industry. The second thing Chris has brought to the business has been a service focus, centred around quality arts at reasonable prices. It’s a winning formula. When we gain a new customer, we keep them. They simply don’t want to go anywhere else.

Get Your Cam Follower from IAP – You’ll Never Look Back

If you check out the specification or part number of your cam follower and then give us a call, you’ll have a chance to check out our service for the supply of a relatively inexpensive replacement part. Once on our radar, we can log all your degradable parts, give advice on lifespan and predict when you’re likely to need replacements. This way, we can work as partners, flagging up periods of risk and having the parts you need ready to send or on auto-supply.

It's a smooth professional approach, where you are in control and the parts you need are supplied in time and at reasonable prices.

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Try out our cam follower bearing by giving us a call today. Sure, we can supply your cam follower and you’ll get it at a competitive price, and it will land quickly, but there’s more to be gained from speaking to us on 02 8102 6707. We can take all your headaches away and ensure you never get caught out without the parts you need. If you would rather use our contact form fill in the details and we’ll call you back at your convenience. Our email address is if this is better for you. Read Less

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