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Connecting Variable Sized Components with a Taperlock Bush

Attaching pulleys, sprockets and other components to a shaft can be a problem if they have different sizes. Even the same sizes of component and shaft may not fit perfectly if the sizing isn’t precise, leading to slippage and the need to frequently re-attach or re-tighten. That problem is solved by the use of our taperlock bushes that enable various components to be attached to shafts of different sizes. This avoids the need for multiple components or costly re-boring while at the same time guaranteeing a perfect fit with little effort. Read More

Getting your Fittings from an Experienced Taper Lock Bush Supplier

Taperlock bushes are standard, conical bushes that are used as locking mechanisms to attach shaft couplings, wheels, pulleys and other components to drive shafts. They’re tapered, non-flanged, split bushes where, once put in place, screws are used to fasten the components tightly to the shaft. This provides a much better clamping force than for standard products that are bored to the shaft size, so that the component is able to transmit torque while secured against axial displacement.

Taperlock bushes are used in a variety of industries and for many applications. They’re made from cast iron, steel or another suitable material and offer a number of advantages over standards bushes:

  • can be fitted by non-skilled labour using conventional tools
  • are quick to attach and then remove for maintenance, re-positioning or the replacement of components
  • save time and money due to no re-boring or keywaying being necessary
  • can be interchanged between different components and so save on having unnecessary inventory; this includes using for components with a parallel bore by incorporating taper lock adaptors.

Attaching a component to a shaft using a taperlock bush simply requires the tightening of screws that force the bush into the component. This contracting of the bore effectively creates a very tight fit so that the component is held very securely in position.

A Perfect Fit for a Perfect Taperlock Bushes

We provide a wide variety of taper lock bushes in a number of sizes, styles and metals. These are all of the highest quality and may be weld-on or bolt-on versions with the additional availability of hub adaptors. Versions are provided for metric shafts of varying dimensions as well as those with imperial measurements for bores and keyways, and all have sufficient tolerance to ensure a perfect fit.

All our bushes are supplied complete so you’ve no extra fittings to buy and they’re ready to use. They’re a cost-effective and convenient method of attaching components to a mating shaft, securely and with no special equipment needed.

Whatever industry you’re in and whatever applications you have, it’s highly likely that our taperlock bushes will make your process more efficient and reliable. If you’re not convinced or don’t really know what you need, just get in touch by email (admin@industrialautomtiveparts.com.au), by telephone (02 8102 6707) or by using our enquiry form. We’ll respond quickly and professionally because we know time is money and processing can’t be held up due to a lack of the proper components. So get in touch today even if you're looking to buy grid couplings or jaw coupling. Read Less

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