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After all, agricultural chains and sprockets set can vary wildly. Sprockets have been around for centuries, long before the modern ASA sprockets we designed. They’re invaluable in cycling, auto manufacturing, agriculture, energy, and many other industries. But the sprockets in a car are not the same ones used by farmers. Some will be stainless steel, while others will be a mix of materials, including zinc and chromium. That’s without mentioning the variation in size. When you’re looking for a chain and sprockets, in other words, you want a seller who understands their usage and knows which one fits your unique application.

That’s where we come in. With our many years of expertise in industrial parts, we can explain any of our products thoroughly and help you determine which one suits your purposes. We can also advise our customers on other items they might need for their projects and help them understand what details to look for when purchasing in the future. And once all that is sorted, we get your order to you fast, too. We know there are always quotas to be met, and we can even offer same-day urgent shipping where needed.

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Agricultural Chain and Sprocket Systems Explained

What exactly is a chain and sprocket? Simply put, it's a couple of toothed wheels connected by a chain; the teeth secure the chain in place, and the chain transfers motion and energy from one of the wheels to the other. These wheels are the sprockets. If this sounds familiar, it’s because your childhood bicycle functioned on it. That’s the most commonplace example of sprockets being employed. The agricultural chains and sprockets transfer the circular motions of the pedals through to the tyres. Sprockets now have dozens of different applications in the agricultural, industrial, and automotive sectors, where we specialise.

Chain and sprocket setups have a few advantages over belt drives or pulleys. For one, they’re more secure and reliable than belt drives thanks to the sprockets’ teeth. Given the tension in the chain, it’s virtually impossible for it to slip off the teeth, making for an extremely reliable component that is unlikely to malfunction randomly. These teeth also lessen the force required to transfer energy, allowing for less friction and more efficiency. Or, more plainly put, a chain and sprocket interlock more firmly than a sheave pulley or lawn mover belts, which creates less rubbing. That also means that there’s slightly slower wear & tear, though that does depend on the system in question.

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