Cylindrical Roller Bearings

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Flexibility and Reliability with a Cylindrical Roller Bearings

The popularity and wide use of a cylinder roller bearing is due to it being extremely reliable and suitable for a large range of applications. Their design and manufacture mean that the cylindrical rollers are always in linear contact with the raceways, so they are capable of being used in high-speed processes and have a high radial load capacity.Read More

Since the inner and outer rings are separable, mounting and removal are easy while these bearings are able to withstand impact and heavy loads. They are commonly used in a number of industries, typically for pumps, wind turbines, machine tools and electric motors, in worm gear boxes and for the oil, gas and steel industries.

Cylindrical Bearing - Different Types and Uses

A cylinder bearing is so called because it uses cylinders as rolling elements rather than the metal balls found in ball bearings. Different types are available:

  • Single row cylindrical rollers are the most common, with mounting and dismounting easier due to separable rollers. They have a cage of machined brass, pressed steel or moulded polyamide and are frequently used in shipping and rail industries, agricultural machinery and heavy lifting equipment due to their ability to handle heavy radial loads, high acceleration and high speeds.
  • Double and multiple row versions have greater radial load capacity.

They all have various lubrication and clearance options and can be manufactured as full complement parts or with a cage. A cylindrical bearing is classified based on the existence or otherwise of ribs on the rings. Certain ones have no ribs and are available as free-end bearings while others are for use as fixed-end bearings and some are capable of sustaining limited axial loads in a single direction.

Buy Cylinder Roller Bearing From IAP for Great Performance and Customer Service

The true test of any roller bearing is its ability to minimise drag, reduce friction and heat, and perform better and for longer with the minimum of downtime and maintenance needs. All the cylinder bearings we supply are more than capable of that and will extend the life of your equipment while reducing maintenance costs.

To achieve all that, you need to select the most suitable bearings and then install and use them correctly. You also need to maintain them properly to prevent bearing failure, which can result from corrosion, contamination and improper use that leads to cracking, rusting, pitting and other problems.

We aim to make the whole process as simple as possible from start to finish, with plenty of information available on our website to help you choose and order, and with technical details supplied for installation, use and ongoing care. We’re always here to help you get the best from your cylindrical bearing and every other part that we supply including our V belts or FRAS belts. If you need any advice on choosing, installing, using and caring for your bearings or any type of agricultural chains, just get in touch by sending us an email to, via the website enquiry form or by telephone to 02 8102 6707 so you can chat to one of our technical experts. No matter how large or small your order, whether you are a regular customer or are new to us, it doesn’t make any difference — we’re just happy to help. Read Less

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