Lifting Slings

Crane & Lifting Slings For Sale at the Best Prices in Australia 

When lifting extremely heavy objects or machinery is an everyday occurrence, it is important to employ the right tools and processes to avoid any unnecessary risks. Many people may attempt to lift dangerously heavy amounts themselves, or in a group, but this can potentially lead to serious damage of property, or worse, result in devastating injuries. Fortunately, a range of equipment exists at affordable prices to make the process faster and safer for all involved. 

Lifting slings are specially designed contraptions consisting of chains, cables, rope and special webbing that can be used in unison with dedicated machinery, such as lifts or a crane. This combination of materials and technologies makes light work of most tasks, whether you are loading vehicles with goods to be transported or removing heavy natural structures.

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The Various Types of Crane & Lifting Slings We Have Available at Industrial & Automotive Parts 

While a lifting sling will typically be destined for attachment to a crane or machine specially designed for elevating objects, there are a variety of types available for sale that serve different purposes:

Chain Slings 

Chain lifting slings are for when you need that added versatility in a project, available in a range of lengths, link sizes, and lifting ability. They can be connected in multiple arrangements to create a lengthened chain sling with a series of legs, equipped with different forms of anchor points as your needs demand.

Synthetic Flat Webbing Slings

Web slings are used in situations where there is a broad load-carrying area, and extra sleeves are added to help protect high-wear sections, given their innate softness, flexibility, and capabilities of absorbing shock on loads.

Synthetic Round Slings 

Round slings contain a fibre core resting inside a protective tubular sleeve. Given this unique construction, they are most frequently applied to lift more delicate objects and protect them from damage throughout the process. 

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