Pneumatic Sausage Gun

Pneumatic Sausage Gun


$335.08 (inc GST)

Product Code: DCT-DG8600-4

Brand: Chemtools

Variation 1: Compatible with 600ml Sausages

The DCT-DG8600-4 Pneumatic Sausage Gun comes with a built-in, fully adjustable pressure regulator for constant force and speed. It is perfectly balanced by an ergonomic handle, and manufactured with a tough aluminium body and ring nuts, providing high resistance over time. Its quick release trigger ensures extrusion is immediately stopped, preventing wastage and application outside the desired area.    This pneumatic gun is designed to deliver a smooth, uninterrupted flow, effortless dispensing, and hassle-free application of multiple adhesives and sealant types.    Sound Level: < 70 DB  Max Operating Pressure: 125 psi  Minimum Hose Size: 10mm