500ml Spray Bottle (HDPE) Standard Trigger

500ml Spray Bottle (HDPE) Standard Trigger


$5.39 (inc GST)

Product Code: CT-SPR-500ML

Brand: Chemtools

Variation 1: 500ml Capacity

With a space-saving tall cylindrical body made from HDPE, this 500ml Spray Bottle resists most harsh chemicals and industrial solvents. It comes with a Standard Trigger with a 4-quadrant adjustable nozzle head which suits bottles fitting a 28/400 screw cap. The traditional On/Off wording is marked on 2 sides of the nozzle, with the 3rd side displaying and dispensing a wide, gentle mist, and the 4th a narrower, stronger jet. Its sturdy, easy to depress spray trigger comfortably fits 1 or 2 fingers, whilst the overhang at the back allows the bottle to be stored on a hook for quick access. Cap Type: 28/400 Screw Cap Nozzle Type: 4-Quadrant Twist Nozzle Spray Angle: 0 60� (Adjustable at Nozzle) Tube Length: Approx. 23cm (Flexible)