DEOX R31 Solid Film Graphite Lubricant

DEOX R31 Solid Film Graphite Lubricant


$22.00 (inc GST)

Product Code: CT-R31-400

Brand: Chemtools

Variation 1: 400g Aerosol

DEOX R31 Solid Film Lubricant is a high purity graphite-based tack-free dry film, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is formulated to produce a very slick UV resistant Teflon-like barrier between metal surfaces to reduce friction and wear whilst providing a high level of lubrication and corrosion protection. R31 does not attract dirt and is ideal for the long-lasting smooth operation of hinges, latches, locks, and threaded parts. It withstands a wide range of continuous hot and cold temperatures between -74deg celcius and +426deg celcius, and is commonly used in many industrial operations involving high speed cutting tools. Solid Film Lubricant provides protection from damage during repetitive movement and is suitable for application where wet greases or oils cannot be used, or are difficult to apply or retain. DEOX R31 can be used on parts which slide, rotate, or are regularly under frictional stress, such as engines, mining equipment, and various industrial machinery. It is also an excellent sacrificial break-in lubricant and mould release agent for plastics and rubbers.