DEOX R30 Dry Lube with PTFE

DEOX R30 Dry Lube with PTFE


$18.43 (inc GST)

Product Code: CT-R30-300

Brand: Chemtools

Variation 1: 300g Aerosol

DEOX R30 Dry Lube is a Teflon based, powerfully effective low odour dry lubricant resistant to high and low temps, and perfect for all weather applications. It is free of chlorinated solvents and silicone, and is non-staining and non-oily. R30 contains excellent film-forming and anti-seize properties, and its extremely low static coefficient of friction makes it a superb lubricant for industrial applications where low speeds and light loads are involved.    DEOX R30 Dry Lube bonds to most surfaces, including metal, wood, rubber, plastic, and glass. It protects from and reduces friction, wear, and the seizing up of mechanical parts, in addition to lubricating sliding tracks, locks and catches, hinges, conveyor belts, gears, windows, and much more.