DEOX R12 Belt Grip

DEOX R12 Belt Grip


$14.89 (inc GST)

Product Code: CT-R12-300

Brand: Chemtools

Variation 1: 300g Aerosol

DEOX R12 Belt Grip is an aerosol belt dressing which is specially formulated to lengthen drive belt life by keeping belts flexible and preventing cracking.    R12 can be applied to both sides of belts, even while in motion. Treatment eliminates belt slippage, increasing equipment efficiency and lengthening belt life. Belt Grip will not glaze, does not attract dust or dirt, and is effective against indoor and outdoor environmental conditions.    Use on all types of belts: ?V? type, flat, round, leather, rubber, fabric, or synthetic material.    FEATURES AND BENEFITS:   Australian made   Reduces belt slippage   Increases life of belt with regular use   Remains tacky and is water resistant   Keeps belts flexible and inhibits cracking   Rejects dirt, dust, and lint   Promotes maximum equipment efficiency