Kleanium Biodegradable Parts Wash

Kleanium Biodegradable Parts Wash


$53.61 (inc GST)

Product Code: CT-PW-20L

Brand: Chemtools

Variation 1: 20 Litres

Chemtools Biodegradable Parts Washer is a powerful high temperature and high pressure formula, suitable for lifting, cleaning, and degreasing a variety of soils, oils, and greases. Specifically formulated for aggressive cleaning, the non-flammable biodegradable water-based formula is safe on plastic and most metals without containing dangerous additives or flammable solvents.    Features:   100% active concentrated parts washer designed specifically for high pressure and temperature spray washing of iron and steel   Formulated with all the cleaning power of a solvent-based parts washer   Safe and biodegradable cleaning solution for use in most parts washing machines   Aggressively tackles the toughest soils, cleaning more effectively at higher temperatures   Excellent degreaser   Easily lifts and cleans a variety of soils, oils, and greases   Non-flammable, and does not contain dangerous additives   Safe on all metal and plastic surfaces   Long solution life minimises parts cleaning detergent usage   Built-in rust inhibitor   Lower chemical deposit cost    Applications:  Ideal for engines, automotive parts, and mechanical equipment