AutoChem Engine Starting Fluid

AutoChem Engine Starting Fluid


$14.52 (inc GST)

Product Code: CT-ESF-300

Brand: Chemtools

Variation 1: 300g Aerosol

For All Petrol & Diesel Engines | Corrosion Protection for up to 6 Months     AutoChem Engine Starting Fluid is formulated for use on all 2- and 4-stroke petrol and diesel combustion engines, enabling reliable cold starting in damp weather, after long periods of engine downtime, and at low temperatures. It provides long-term corrosion protection for up to 6 months in outdoor environments by leaving a clear surface film which can be easily removed if required.    Engine Starting Fluid can be used on engines up to 200deg celcius, and is suitable for use in extreme weather on motor vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, marine engines, mining equipment, tractors  and mowers, and other gardening or farming equipment.