Zero Spat Dry Anti-Spatter

Zero Spat Dry Anti-Spatter


$12.29 (inc GST)

Product Code: CT-DSPR-300

Brand: Chemtools

Variation 1: 300g Aerosol

Zero Spat Heavy Duty Dry Anti-Spatter removes the need for chiselling and grinding after welding. It forms a long-lasting dry white film that prevents spatter from sticking to equipment, fixtures, and metal surfaces. Its residue can be easily wiped or brushed away after welding is completed. DSPR can be used for MIG/MAG welding, manual, automatic, and robotic applications, and is suitable for medium to large amounts of spatter or slag. Its silicone-free, non-oily formula, means that surfaces do not require cleaning with solvents prior to painting. ADDITIONAL FEATURES & BENEFITS: ? Improves productivity by reducing clean-up times and decreasing high spatter removal costs ? Adheres well to most surfaces where vertical welding is required. ? Will not cause weld porosity, nor interfere with post-weld powder or paint coatings