Ball Bearings

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Ball bearings have been utilised ever since ancient civilisations first discovered their potential applications. Nowadays, they are frequently found as integral operational elements in machinery in a variety of industries. Manufacturers will buy ball bearings because they permit moving parts in machinery to run smoother by reducing the friction generated in the process.

At Industrial & Automotive Parts, we place only the finest ball bearings for sale across Australia, favouring designs that offer high speed and precision in their application, whilst still maintaining the desired durability and compactness. Our full range available to buy online include:

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The Various Industry Applications for Ball Bearings

Given the revolutionary benefits delivered by these relatively smaller components, a variety of industries will buy ball bearings to be used in their power transmission applications and for support in smaller loads. The list of industries applying ball bearings in their designs is endless. Examples include:

  • Skateboard & bicycle manufacturing
  • Kitchen appliances, such as blenders
  • Motorised gymnasium equipment, such as treadmills
  • Motor vehicles, with systems such as the steering and gearboxes relying heavily on bearings
  • Construction and mining machinery
  • Wind turbines
  • Advanced robotics and automation
  • And much more! 

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