Rapidstick 8116 UV Curable Adhesive

Rapidstick 8116 UV Curable Adhesive


$35.99 (inc GST)

Product Code: 8116-50

Brand: Chemtools

Variation 1: 50ml Bottle

Rapidstick 8116 UV Curable Adhesive is a low viscosity, high wetting, 100% solids liquid glue which provides an on demand bond, eliminating drying and heat curing. It offers many advantages in bonding where the adhesive can be exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light with a remarkably fast, almost instant cure, due to its maximum UV absorption range of between 350 and 380 nanometers.    8116 exhibits good resistance to temperature extremes and high humidity, with excellent clarity, low shrinkage, and slight flexibility. It is superior to other adhesives when bonding glass to glass or glass to metal, and is ideal for wicking and low bubble formation.    8116 is designed to give the best possible clear adhesion to glass surfaces, metals, wood, and other glass filled materials. It is highly recommended for bonding glass furniture, sculptures and trophies, crystal assemblies, glass tops, and optical items.       Specifications (refer to TDS for full details)  Appearance: Clear Liquid  Composition: Urethane Methacrylate  Appearance: Colourless, clear liquid  Viscosity: 80 120 cps  Specific Gravity: 1.20  Flash Point >95deg celcius  Toxicity: Low  Temperature Range (deg celcius): -55 to +125