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Eye Bolts & Eye Nuts for Lifting Applications Available Across Australia

When it comes to sourcing the right equipment for all your heavy-lifting tasks, you need to ensure they are from respectable brands you trust to handle the load. But finding the right eye bolt for your project can be hard, as there are so many options to choose from, and they all vary in price, length and quality.

At Industrial & Automotive Parts, we offer an unmatched selection of rated eye nuts and rated eye bolts, and more for those in need across Australia. Each item in our collection is made from high-quality materials, such as marine grade stainless steel, and have been purposefully designed for users to easily screw into a range of beams, panels, and other structures to assist with their projects, from simply holding shade sails in place, to tackling more challenging rigging applications. What’s more, is thanks to the durable build of each style of eye nuts for lifting, they will withstand the harshest weather conditions that mother nature can throw at them.

If you would like to learn more about our range eye bolts and eye nuts for lifting, please contact us at Industrial & Automotive Parts today by calling (02) 8102 6707. 

Why Select From Our Lifting Eyelets & Screw Eye Bolt Collection at Industrial & Automotive Parts 

We appreciate that eye nuts and bolts for lifting are an investment that you need to have confidence in. Through years of dedication, the team at Industrial & Automotive parts have developed a reputation of reliability and expertise within our extensive range. When you source your eye bolts from us, you do so with the peace of mind that you’ll be dealing with passionate suppliers who offer the right products in an easy to access and affordable manner. 

Speak with Our Team for More Information On Our Selection of Lifting Eyelet & Screw Eye Bolts 

For any questions relating to our eye nuts and eye bolts range, or any of our other pieces of industrial equipment available online, including lifting slings, shackles, and turnbuckles, feel free to give us a call and we’ll happily assist. Our friendly team are located in Chipping Norton, NSW, but we are happy to offer our products and guidance to those in need across wider Australia. You can reach us by calling (02) 8102 6707, sending an email directly to admin@industrialautomotiveparts.com.au, or leaving your details on our easy to complete online enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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