Deep Groove Ball Bearings

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Deep Groove Ball Bearings 

Deep groove ball bearings are a common component of many industrial functions, namely rotating and oscillating machine elements. Their primary purpose is to provide support and guidance to transfer loads in rotational movements throughout different components, including axels, wheels and shafts. This is because they have low friction and are easy to mount. The applications can therefore vary from simple gearboxes in cars, trucks or cranes, to large wind turbines and heavy agricultural or construction machinery.

At Industrial & Automotive Parts, we are committed to providing you with the best possible range of deep groove ball bearing solutions. Utilising our specialist selection of only the best economy and premium options available on the market, we source products that are designed to improve your project in whatever requirements you possess. If you would like to learn more, please contact us today by calling (02) 8102 6707.

Why Choose to Work with Deep Groove Ball Bearings? 

Minimal Friction

Deep groove ball bearings have a design that generates less friction than others on the market, given the lower operating temperature. This results in less noise and vibration, which is perfect for high rotational applications, as less lubrication is needed for unimpaired movement.

Easy Installation

Minimal expertise is required to install deep groove ball bearings, leading to a far simpler assembly, and also the capacity for higher loads. While they will fit inside traditional bearing housings, manufacturers often reduce these dimensions in machinery to deliver a smaller, lighter assembly.


As mentioned above, these bearings are capable of carrying both radial and axial loads. This makes them highly desired for applications in countless industries, such as food processing, medical, electric motors, wind energy and more. 

Cost Savings

Due to the lowering operating temperature and friction generated, not only is the useful life of the bearing greatly extended but there are also significantly reduced energy costs with running the associated equipment. These benefits naturally translate into greater cost savings over the months, years and even decades of use.

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Get in touch with us at Industrial & Automotive Part’s experienced team of ball bearing specialists today. We offer the complete range of the best deep groove, agricultural, thrust, miniature, stainless steel and assorted ball bearings on the market. You can discuss your particular project requirements with us, and we will be more than happy to provide you with the right guidance on obtaining the solution for your needs. You can reach us by calling directly on (02) 8102 6707, sending us an email at, or leave your preferred contact information on our simple online enquiry form, and we’ll get in touch with you as quick as we can.